November arts

The Festival the live arts of Loja, is an event that happen during ten days with events outdoor and inside the sceneries that know them like IN and OFF. This event get together a lot artists in some art fields like as paint, music, teather, poetry, etc, this year is the third edition.
Loja is a small city in the south of Ecuador close to Peru, It has an airport around thirty minutes from downtown.
During ten days local and foreign people enjoy of many art events in the street, the people walk some streets for taking pictures for their memories, the city has a special environment with decoration details for those days.
I invite to everyone visit our city during november month, I sure they will be excite with the city and they will want to return soon for a new edition of Festival live arts from Loja.
The people has the chance to show their skills with chalk drawing faces, figures and other things, special the kids enjoy a lot the super heroe’s custome that appear in each corner and streets.
Come to Festival, come to Loja.
Enjoy the art’s november.


October Party

No doubt one of the best month for celebrate is october, it has some simple reasons. It’s about the birthday from the important people of my life.
But no doubt the best day is when my childrens have their birthday party, they fill my life with colors and I feel lucky.
In my schedule never missing plans for my children, but I have to think seriously about their grow up with health and good psychology for buy gifts and other stuff that they want to have.
They have to know that the world’s rules are doesn’t that we wish, is about we have to live with many sceneries, but we can change everything if we fight for do that.
The life, year after year and mainly this month, brings a big teach for this new age between us.
I have a lot reasons for to be happy and the most strong is that exists october with many birthdays party.
I enjoy a lot october with my dear important people.

Magic August

After a long time and the third try I visited the United States, I traveled with my sister to Orlando, that was an amazing trip because I had the experience to drive a car from Miami to Orlando and enjoy the travel.

My first impression was about the culture and kind people, I bought some things for my childrens and I toke advantaje for discounts of the outlets.
I visited the Universal Studios and enjoy of the some games, food and kind people, this site was incredible because you want to take pictures of the everything around.
I visited the Hollywood Disney Studios, I can saw the imperial march and take some pictures too with my sisters, the electronic games and 3d journey was awesome.
The food is a little expensive if you compare with Ecuador.
I hope to return soon with my childrens and enjoy the theme parks.

Dark July

I don’t know for where I can start this post, because this month was sad, very sad even though it bring happiness like birthday of my father, mother, newphew.
The birth of my father was july 8, but this year was the day of my brother’s death, one of the best brother I had, he departed after lost the fight with the cancer.
Maybe it that was the better for my brother after has two cirugy, his death was very sad because we can’t believe it that his smile turn off.
My brother was an excellent person, the guy that all people love it, many friends and clients cried his departed because he was very young, he had has four childrens, he danced like each day will be the final day. My mother is devasted, she cried a lot time.
Today we just can to see the videos from he and enjoy his hapiness while he lived togheter with us.

So long my brother.

Middle of year

Is june, middle of year, there are many things around my life.
Basic choices like studies, work, relationship, family, I can’t believe that the time past so fast, looks like if yesterday was january, but almost my son ended the first level at his school.
There are many things that need to make a choice for control and planing my future.
These days I have to save some money to take a little vacations with my sister, because she want to travel to US, but my budget is short.
She want to fly for first time in her live.
Is incredible that the family is separate for many reasons, like stupid discussions between family’s members.

The verbal violence

After one year I can see that the violence from she is the same. I’m a fool if think that she could be different with his mood, but the reality is like this time elapsed never happened.
The same words, the same violence.
I can’t think that would create a home with she, because she never will respect me. My children’s will be unstables about that kind of relationship between parents.
She doesn’t have the best communication with me, she try to give commands for each task the worst way, his mood is unsupportable because she can be two persons at the same time.
We search help from church for improve our communication and to know if we can live together, but it is impossible because I think that she don’t work for get harmony, the first step is the respect between us, but she thinks is joke say me words that unconfortable for me. Many people can advice me that improve our communication talk about unconfortable words but if she can stop the bullying is impossible.

That’s it.

The peace between us

Since march 24th I deciced to make the peace with the mother of my childrens because I think it will be the better for the health for them.
I maintained a conversation about the custody of my childrens with their mother one week ago, the mother of my children’s currently is very busy with complete her studies and she don’t has enough time for care their health and food. I don’t agree that she want to give me my childrens for some years while she complete her studies and some years later comes back for them I think that is no right. My childrens not are object or things that you can lend, if she thinks that, I think she is very confused because if we treat them like things, they will be unstable psychologic mind. They will no know where is their house, their home.
Sometimes when I talk with she, I can see that her mood and character is the same that we involved us in conflicts of interes and unstable home. The people no change never, could improve but never change.
My childrens should have a good life and grow up in a healty and stable environment.