After one year

Nowadays I have thinking about my life and some things that happend with my family, diseases, economy, work, relationships and everything, I decided write this post and I’d like to practice my english.
Well, the independence day of my city is close, this 18 nov we will celebrate this important date, in my work everybody is working to have a great event with many attractions for the local and tourists people.
I don’t know what will happen in the future but sometimes I’m so worried about it, but my main think is for my son, because he is not guilty for the wrong choices taken by us.
He’s growing up everyday and I can’t watch him either I don’t know if he is healthy, the relation with your mother is complicated because I think that she put our son in the middle of our problems.
I have many good wishes for my son that I’d like accomplish but is hard to see him and share time without fight with your mother. Sometimes I think why god allowed that this situation happening in this way, but after remember that I’m the one that take my own choices and that me feel so bad.

I dont’ know what happen in the future, just I know that I’d like enjoy a huge time with my little bear.

Everyday I found the way for to know and see photos about you.

Love you son, this post is for you.

For Pablito.