Important dates

Each day we have important days that left a signal in our lifes, in this post I’ll talk about my important days with family, friends and work.

The first date I want to write is move to home, the 18th july I move to new home with my little family, my wife and my son, after one year that build the new house I finally move to new house, this place is far away from downtown but no problem because we have public transportation.

The second date is the born of my daughter, my little Martina that will arrive in october, the same month that born up my first son Pablito.

The third date is visit of my friend Titian, that arrived the last 13th august just for the Mao’s birthday, he stayed for one month in Loja city and shares his experiences about live far away from his country. He back to Spain the 12 of september. During your stay in Loja we went to some places like bars, parties and drink some beers. I’d had liked to share a lot time with him because is a good friend from childhood.

I hope to live new experiences with everyone. My life is a continuos learning.