About the man preferences in the life

The life is sometimes very easy and other times very complicated, well in this article I’ll tried to write about the man preferences about the woman.

My personal opinion about the women is a little complicated but many own reasons, maybe many people think the same way about them but doesn’t matter in this article.

I think the man choose a woman with three goals.

The first goal I think the man choose a woman or have an attraction with she with the goal to have a sex with she, he choose a woman with good body, beautiful legs, big ass and titis. Because he thinks that he need a sexy woman for satisfy his sexual wish.

The second goal I think the man choose a woman for have babies, he thinks that need a beautiful woman for create a beautiful childrens with good genes.

The third goal and the most important for me is, when the man choose a woman for made a family. So the man thinks about the caracter, spirit values, good habits, regular mood because she will be the main person for teach good habits to the children and they grow up and will be a better persons for the family and the society. With good habits and good values will be the main support for the good home and family.


That’s my thinks about the man and his ideals and dreams about the women.

Sorry if my opinion is the worst or somebody thinks that I’m an idiot or I’m a machism.

PD: This post could has some grammatical errors but I have to say that I’m practice my english


Welcome to 2018

New year, new opportunities.

Well, I don’t know for where I should be starting, but my first goal for this year is write least one post for my blog in english. Many things are in my mind, I think about my family, professional projects. I wrote a list with projects for trying to accomplish one or least have an idea about what kind of projects I wrote.

Inside of personal projects I wrote some about cooking, courses and teaching for my childrens, I need to improve my skills with some programming tools like java, drupal, angular, ionic, python, jboss. I wrote about learn a new song for playing with my guitar.

I can see my co-workers with many task and making money with personal projects, sometimes I feel frustrating about that I spend a lot time watching social networks with things that currently doesn’t matter, I have read that it is called procrastinate but I don’t know what way I should to take. I think that some wonderful will happend in my life, like is coming down from the heaven but I know that is impossible because if you don’t planing nothing for you future, believe me, you are lost.

I spend hours and hours. I stolen my own time and opportunities. That’s suck, but I believe that could be possible accomplish some projects into this year and change my reality and opportunities.


With this post I know that I accomplish least one goal.