Valentine’s Day

I’d like to write about this day, but I’ll begin saying that two days ago was carnival holiday, the people generally plays with water and they result wet them. This carnival celebration we get together with my family at Malacatos city that provide a great hot weather, many people go to this site, because they have their houses at there. With my family we enjoy of the great pork, ate a lot pork and drunk some cocktails prepared with milk and liquor.
Well, today is san valentin day, but currently I don’t have with who celebrate love neither friendship but least I have my childrends but they are with their mom, but I think about they.
Some of my friends receive gifts from their girlfriends at the office, they smile and share part of gift when it’s food.
Maybe I’ll buy some flowers for my sister and mother. We can celebrate this day with a great dish tasty. Today we have to celebrate the begin of cuaresma too, religion party that is the begin before pass fourty days before saint week when everyone catholic people remember the death of the Jesus.
This begin of cuaresma the people go to church and listen the ceremony, finally sign their front with a rood.