The verbal violence

After one year I can see that the violence from she is the same. I’m a fool if think that she could be different with his mood, but the reality is like this time elapsed never happened.
The same words, the same violence.
I can’t think that would create a home with she, because she never will respect me. My children’s will be unstables about that kind of relationship between parents.
She doesn’t have the best communication with me, she try to give commands for each task the worst way, his mood is unsupportable because she can be two persons at the same time.
We search help from church for improve our communication and to know if we can live together, but it is impossible because I think that she don’t work for get harmony, the first step is the respect between us, but she thinks is joke say me words that unconfortable for me. Many people can advice me that improve our communication talk about unconfortable words but if she can stop the bullying is impossible.

That’s it.