Dark July

I don’t know for where I can start this post, because this month was sad, very sad even though it bring happiness like birthday of my father, mother, newphew.
The birth of my father was july 8, but this year was the day of my brother’s death, one of the best brother I had, he departed after lost the fight with the cancer.
Maybe it that was the better for my brother after has two cirugy, his death was very sad because we can’t believe it that his smile turn off.
My brother was an excellent person, the guy that all people love it, many friends and clients cried his departed because he was very young, he had has four childrens, he danced like each day will be the final day. My mother is devasted, she cried a lot time.
Today we just can to see the videos from he and enjoy his hapiness while he lived togheter with us.

So long my brother.